The Lighthouse charity foundation minted NFTs so you would be able to support our work from abroad!

Since PayPal, Mastercard, and Visa suspended all operations in Russia, we were asked if there is an alternative way to back our work. We found the solution by contacting Forteos LLC, a Tula-based company which specializes in computer software development. Recently, Forteos has launched an online marketplace where one can buy drawings and paintings by the children who have been under the Children's hospice care.

Every picture is a digital commodity with a unique identifier. We should use the term NFT to properly describe this authentication system. NFT stands for “Non-fungible token.” Essentially, the token proves ownership of an asset, be it a piece of music, a photo, a picture, or, in our case, a postcard. You make a donation by buying one of our collectibles. Later on, we receive your donation converted to rubles. The token representing the postcard confirms that you own the commodity and ensures copyright compliance.

The children with life-limiting diseases and the Children’s hospice employees, special needs nannies, created drawings and paintings for our first NFT collection. If you make a donation by purchasing their artwork, you become the owner and the donor at the same time. You can share and save your postcard, or give it to someone as a present. For instance, on fanated.com we put up 8 postcards for sale. The postcards cost from $5 to $1,000. The amount of money you are ready to donate is up to you.

Besides, you could make either a one-time or a recurring donation. Subscribing to the recurring payments means that you are repeatedly charged the same amount of money on a set schedule, e.g. every month. You could cancel your subscription at any time after signing in with your Fanated.com account. Your regular donations, despite the sum, allow us to plan for the future. That’s why they are vital for us as a charity.

As an intermediary, Forteos LLC accumulates funds. We would receive your donations on a monthly basis. We will let you know how much funds have been raised and where our supporters are from.

Wherever you are currently living, you are always welcome to support the Lighthouse charity foundation and our work. If you have a credit card issued by the non-Russian bank, you could make a donation on this page.